Officers search for Mercedes linked to shooting in Carlsbad


CARLSBAD — California Highway Patrol officers are searching for at least four people who were inside a white Mercedes when someone opened fire on another driver trying to merge onto the 78 freeway.

It happened at the El Camino on-ramp Sunday at 1 a.m. The victims, who were inside an Audi, told CHP a Mercedes flashed its bright lights behind them then pulled up next to them.

“Possibly like a street racing-type of invitation by one of the vehicles by using their flashers. Without warning the Mercedes Benz, one of the individuals in the Mercedes opened fire on the Audi,” Mark Latulippe with the California Highway Patrol said.

The driver and passenger of the Audi were chased by the E350 late-model Mercedes to a nearby gas station, where Latulippe said they were shot at again.

“The driver sustained some grazing wounds from the bullets. So he wasn’t directly hit but sounds like he was grazed by several bullets,” Latulippe said.

The passenger suffered cuts from broken glass after the bullets shattered the windows. CHP investigators said they have a few solid leads but they are also asking for help.

“We do have some leads that we are following. If someone saw something, we would encourage them to give us a phone call,” Latulippe said.

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