SAN DIEGO — Recent rains have left flooding and dangerous roads across San Diego County, including main roads like Pacific Highway in Mission Hills.

“The big thing, is people just need to slow down,” said California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer, Jake Sanchez.

That is the message CHP wants drivers to have dialed in when they are driving in heavy rain and inclement weather.

A CHP officer narrowly missed getting hit on westbound Interstate 8 Saturday afternoon. While the officer investigated a crash, a driver lost control of his car and crashed into the back of the officer’s Dodge Charger.

The officer was out of the car at the time and not injured. CHP said no one was taken into custody. That crash is one of several cars that hydroplaned, overturned or got stuck in flood waters.

Businesses along Pacific Highway told FOX 5 they experienced some flooding inside their shops that made for cleanups throughout the day.

“You never want to enter a roadway if you don’t know how deep it is,” Sanchez explained. “A lot of times people will drive around signs, the last thing you want to do is drive around a sign, it’s there for a reason.”

CHP said if you do hydroplane, hold the wheel steady, and take your foot off the brake and accelerator until the car settles.

CHP advises drivers to drive in the middle lanes because the roads are crowned, and water drains to the sides. Sanchez said during the rain, they are busier trying to respond quickly.

“So in some cases, it might take us a little longer to get to you in certain circumstances, so know where you are,” Sanchez said.

After calling 911 with the location, Sanchez said it is up to the person to decide the safest place to wait for help, such as getting out of the car and up an embankment or behind a wall.

Sanchez also said staying in your car with the seatbelt on until emergency help arrives, is also a safe option.