SAN DIEGO – Chicano Park, one of San Diego’s national landmarks, is currently celebrating its 52nd anniversary, an important number for the Aztecs representing renewal.

“It’s a renewal, it’s a rebirth and so we are starting up again,” said Alberto Pulido with the Chicano Park Steering Committee.

Pulido says the number 52 represents, “new generations of youth coming up.”

Chicano Park was established in 1970 after the community that was displaced due to new highway construction protested the construction of a California Highway Patrol Station, which is now the park.

“Because of interstate-5 and the Coronado Bay BridgE, we lost so many people here through eminent domain,” said Pulido.

Pulido says 75% of the community was displaced after the building of I-5, “those pillars that removed us, now we celebrate as our history and our culture.”

In January 2017, the park was designated as a national historical landmark thanks to local officials and the Chicano Steering Committee.

A blessing of the park happened early Saturday morning, which visitor Cueponcaxochitl Moreno Sandoval from Turlock says was a serendipitous moment for her and her child.

“We will never stop resisting, we will always resist, we will always have that medicine that we need to continue forward as people especially with art, with murals, with music– with the arts because that is free expression of who we are,” said Sandoval.

Pulido says there are 108 murals and sculptures throughout the park and recommends all San Diegans to come and see the symbolic park.

The Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center will be open to the public at the end of Summer 2022, located next to the park on 1960 National Avenue.