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SAN DIEGO – Changes are coming to the City of San Diego’s street sweeping program on Sept. 1.  

The city will increase and decrease sweeping around several streets around the city to help combat pollution from going into our oceans.  

“A lot of this stuff goes into our storm water drains and reaches our bays and oceans and it’s just a high priority for us to make sure that water is as clean as possible,” said Jose Ysea, Public Information Officer with the City of San Diego.  

Increased sweeping will happen in Clairemont, Linda Vista, Miramar, Mira Mesa, and University City.  

Decreasing sweeping will happen in Peninsula, Midway-Pacific Highway, Balboa Park, Normal Heights, Kensington, College Area, Grantville, Logan Heights, Encanto, and Golden Hill.  

The city will be adding new signs to warn residents about new parking restrictions, as well as a 30-day grace period from the day it goes up.  

“We ask residents to please be aware of the signs, I know people are in a hurry – but it’s important that you are reading the signs to where you can and can’t park because otherwise it’s going to result in a citation and we really don’t want that for our residents,” said Ysea.  

Parking citations are $52.50, according to Ysea.