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SAN DIEGO — The Chabad of Poway didn’t plan anything official relating to the shooting that happened three years ago Wednesday, but members participated in a virtual meeting Wednesday remembering Lori Gilbert Kaye.

Gilbert Kaye, a 60-year-old member of the Chabad of Poway, was gunned down in the vicious anti-Semitic attack on one of the most holy days in the Jewish calendar: Passover.

“Judaism teaches us to welcome the stranger,” said Randi Feinberg, a longtime Poway resident and friend of Gilbert Kaye. “Lori was a gifted and heartfelt welcomer in every facet of life. She made friends with everyone, all kinds of people she would meet on her life‘s journey.”

In the Jewish calendar, April 27 begins the day of remembrance: Holocaust Remembrance Day. Feinberg and others participated in the virtual meeting with California legislators in Sacramento to continue to push forward laws against anti-Semitism in all its forms. 

“The Institutional Security Grant Program needs stricter checks and balances in place with annual onsite reviews of security and equipment follow-up. Hate crime laws too need attention to ensure that the systems in place actually work today, tomorrow and in the future once you pass the legislation,” Feinberg said. 

Along with the death of Gilbert Kaye, Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein was shot in the hand and 8-year-old Noya Dahan was injured, as well as her uncle 34-year-old Almog Peretz.  

Gilbert Kaye was to deliver a prayer for her mother, who had just passed away, on that fateful day before the gunshots rang out. 

“The prayer is really a heartbreaker and yet at the same moment consoling. We never heard the prayer. Gunshots interrupted the morning prayers,” Feinberg said.