SAN DIEGO — A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer was recently reunited with a child he helped deliver as a baby and rescued at the border, the agency announced.

On Dec. 8, 2016, Officer J. Lott received an emergency call to the San Ysidro Port of Entry’s vehicle secondary area, CBP said in a news release.

Upon arrival, Lott discovered a woman who had started going into labor inside her vehicle, and it was apparent that the baby would be coming at the port of entry.

Lott remained calm and used his prior experience as an Emergency Medical Technician to help deliver the child.

“I just trusted my training. I knew if I remained calm, the mother, the father, and everyone
around me would stay calm,” a quote attributed to Lott said.

However, the child being born at a busy port of entry wasn’t the only complication, as the baby was breech, meaning the feet were positioned to come out first instead of the head, making for a more difficult birth.

After the mother and Lott were eventually able to deliver the baby, the newborn was not breathing and began to turn blue, CBP said.

“She was really blue, she wasn’t breathing, and unresponsive,” Lott said. “I quickly
administered chest compressions, and after about five or six, she started crying. I was already on
my knees, and I just buckled. I remember saying to myself, just keep on breathing baby, just
keep on breathing, please.”

Two months ahead of her 6th birthday, Alexa Garcia reunited with Lott for the first time since her birth last Friday.

During the emotional reunion, the two exchanged gifts with each other, CBP said. Five-year-old Alexa gave Lott a framed photograph of him holding her on the day she was delivered and he gave the child a stuffed teddy bear with its own CBP uniform.