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SAN DIEGO — A wild police chase from Orange County to San Diego finally ended Friday when officers used a spike strip and then chased three people down on the side of the freeway.

Officers first tried to pull the vehicle over around 7:30 p.m. as they looked for the people responsible for a catalytic converter theft in the area, a Costa Mesa police spokesperson told FOX 5. The driver refused to stop, leading to a chase that would go on for more than an hour.

Helicopter video from KTLA showed the white SUV speeding down Southern California freeways, weaving through traffic as someone inside the car threw items out of the window at times. California Highway Patrol took over the chase as it continued through Southern California, reaching San Diego on Interstate 5 and then continuing onto Interstate 805.

Authorities eventually hit the vehicle’s tires with a spike strip near state Route 52, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. The driver carried on through the Mission Valley area despite the damage, heading east on Interstate 8, exiting the freeway and then briefly heading the wrong way on northbound Interstate 15 before they finally stopped.

Video from OnScene TV shows the SUV sitting on the side of the road with badly shredded tires after a group of people got out and ran. Officers chased after them, hopping over a barrier and searching the brush with flashlights. Eventually three people — two women and a man — were taken into custody.

The CMPD spokesperson did not have specifics about the number of converters or other items the group was suspected of stealing. California Highway Patrol referred to the incident as a “grand theft” case.

News helicopter video appeared to show that the items thrown out the SUV’s window were auto parts.