SAN DIEGO — The catalytic converter from the truck of the Fern Street Circus was stolen overnight, ahead of a free neighborhood event Saturday in City Heights.

According to a spokesperson, the box truck had been parked across the street from the City Heights police substation. The nearby Officer Jeremy Henwood Memorial Park was the site of the first performance in a two-stop tour across the city over the weekend.

Despite the setback, the show went on as planned. Another free performance took place on Sunday at the Colina del Sol Park.

Nicknamed “San Diego’s Original Circus,” the Fern Street Circus has been an institution in the San Diego performing arts community for over 30 years, bringing free shows to families in under-served neighborhoods and teaching circus arts in after-school programs in City Heights.

The hand-painted truck serves as a vibrant backdrop for the non-profit as the performers make their rounds throughout the city.

“It’s really for you,” Mayor Todd Gloria, the honorary ringmaster for Saturday’s show, said to the crowd.

“It’s an opportunity to bring arts and culture into neighborhoods that might not always have access to it, with folks that are very diverse,” he continued, “that reflect the beautiful people who live in these communities.”

A GoFundMe was set up by Fern Street Circus to fundraise for the replacement parts needed. As of Sunday at 6 p.m., $1,055 in donations were collected towards the $2,500 goal.

The two performances this weekend were part of Fern Street Circus’ annual Neighborhood Tour of 10 free public performances in city parks. Granted that the truck can be moved, eight more shows will be taking place until May 14.