CARLSBAD, Calif. — A new traffic safety campaign rolled out Wednesday in the City of Carlsbad, building on efforts to curb the number of accidents involving drivers, pedestrians and e-bike riders in the area.

Traffic safety has been a top priority for the city since August of last year when it declared a traffic emergency following a nearly 240% increase in collisions involving bikes and e-bikes since 2019.

Since then, city officials have increased police enforcement, added miles of new bike lanes, and has held training classes to educate community members about traffic safety rules. 

Carlsbad’s next step is to ask everyone who uses the roads to make a public pledge to do their part to be safe, particularly students on their e-bikes.

Valley Middle School helped the city launch a pledge campaign on Wednesday morning, with its students who use e-bikes promising to be extra safe while riding to school.

“We got to look out for each other,” said eighth-grader Jade Barron to FOX 5. “We’ve got to make sure we’re following all the traffic laws… it’s a community (effort).”

From a school communities’ perspective, the message of being safe appears to be sinking in.
Police will continue to enforce traffic laws but will also continue to educate riders, pedestrians, and drivers too.  

“We’ve been really pleased with the increase in support,” said the principal of Valley Middle School, Nicole Johnston. “Students are wearing helmets; we’ve had education including videos from the police department. They’ve reinforced the laws. We have had our students sign a contract for showing that they’ve been educated, and parents are aware.”