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CARLSBAD, Calif. — Neighbors and community members came together Saturday to honor the life of a 68-year-old woman stabbed to death on a trail at a popular park.

Police say Lisa Thorborg moved to the beach city from Oregon a few months ago. Investigators believe she was killed in broad daylight Monday while hiking at Hosp Grove Park. It’s a very familiar spot for Angela Derby.

“I was shocked,” she said. “I come here by myself all the time — or I used to.”

Concerned about the woman’s death and wanting to help her neighbors through the tough situation, she organized the event “Finish Lisa’s Walk.”

“People were talking about how afraid they were,” Derby said. “And being that this is the one thing that we can do during this pandemic, is get out and exercise in broad daylight, and to have that taken away was something that we weren’t going to stand for.”

Derby said despite the last-minute plans, almost 100 people showed up to hike a couple of miles in honor of Thorborg.

“This walk is to finish Lisa’s walk that she didn’t get a chance to finish, and to take back our park, take back our trails,” Derby said.

Elizabeth Spring lives in Oceanside. She said she didn’t know Thorborg but she knows trails at the park like the back of her hand. She said she was feeling helpless and wanted to do something.

“To come together with our community and try to take our park back, and not have this be the defining event of Hosp Grove. It’s brought so much peace and pleasure for so many years and I don’t want to see that taken away along with Lisa Thorborg,” Spring said.

Carlsbad police say Thorborg’s death is the agency’s fourth homicide this year. No suspects have been identified in the case.

“It’s very sad. My heart breaks for her family,” attendee Nicole Straka said.

Police got a tip about a man who may have been in the area where Thorborg’s body was found. Officers said he was wearing a black shirt, black shorts and possibly a black hat and walking slowly with a slight shuffle or limp.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call detectives at 760-931-2165.