CARLSBAD, Calif. — Carlsbad City Council decided the city will stick to flying only the United States and State of California flags outside city hall.

A flag policy was on the agenda Tuesday night that could have allowed for commemorative flags to also be flown, but that policy did not receive enough votes to pass.

“We welcome people from around the state, country and world to our beaches, restaurants and beautiful city. Let’s let them know that Carlsbad is an inclusive city,” Katrina Waidelich said.

While the policy would have allowed for the consideration of any commemorative flag, the conversation largely centered around the pride flag.

“The city of Encinitas flies it, Vista flies it, Oceanside School District and our own CUSD will be considering it next month as well,” Nikki Faddick said.

“The flag policy is a no-brainer and any vote to the contrary, is a vote of exclusion.” Sarah Hunter said.

Some were not in support of flying additional flags, including one woman who said “the red white and blue represents liberty, freedom and justice for all Americans. To display any other flag only opens the doors to fighting, turmoil and possible lawsuits.” 

Mayor Pro Tem Priya Bhat-Patel proposed approving the option to include commemorative flags, with a second from Councilmember Teresa Acosta and an additional “yes” vote from Councilmember Carolyn Luna.

Carlsbad Mayor Keith Blackburn and Councilmember Melanie Burkholder voted against the proposal.

Although the council had a majority three “yes” votes, a policy change requires a four-fifths majority to pass.