SAN DIEGO – Two Mira Mesa homes got struck by a vehicle Sunday evening, after a resident of the neighborhood lost control of her vehicle.

The incident occurred sometime after 7 p.m. at the 10000 block of Summershade Lane, San Diego Fire officials said.

“Upon arrival, crews found a single vehicle that actually hit two houses. Took out the corner of one house and ended up in the garage of a second house,” said San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Battalion Chief Mark Reece.

Authorities from the San Diego Fire department initially thought weather was what caused the driver of the vehicle to lose control. However, security camera footage obtained by FOX 5 from a neighboring house shows that the driver first backed into a parked truck while attempting to parallel park.

After that, the driver took off on Summershade Lane traveling only about 100 feet before the car goes off frame and goes onto the drive way of one of the homes.

The driver, who lives in the neighborhood with her husband, was apparently trying to park the car. He said to FOX 5 on Monday that he believes his wife got confused and nervous, hitting the gas pedal instead of the brake.

“She’s still pretty nervous,” the husband, Bounkeo Keobounheuang, said to FOX 5. “She said she tried to go back home, because last night there were so many people (on the street). Then she tried to park the car …. and then she hit the gas instead of the brake.”

The garage now has a gaping hole, but no one inside any of the homes was hurt, Reece said. The driver was also not injured in the crash.

The residents in the home were displaced, until a structural engineer with the city could visit the site.

Firefighters did request the assistance of the Red Cross to house the residents. There is no word yet on the damage cost estimates.