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SAN DIEGO — An unusual sight unfolded in the Midway District Friday as police chased a woman on a stolen forklift.

Officers say the bizarre pursuit near the 3100 block of Sports Arena Boulevard ended after a bystander snatched the keys to the construction vehicle. Sgt. Michael Serrano with the San Diego Police Department said an officer spotted the woman on the forklift Friday morning.

“As he was about to address it and try to figure out what’s going on, a citizen flagged him down reporting the same and thinking that it’s probably stolen,” Serrano said.

FOX 5 cameras were rolling as police ordered the forklift driver to pull over. A low speed chase ensued when she refused to stop.

She made a U-turn at a stop light before pulling into the Ross parking lot, where a bystander grabbed the key from the forklift’s ignition.

“A bystander obviously had some experience with it and knew exactly what to do to help us disable it so that we could take her into custody,” Serrano said.

Police were searching for the owner of the forklift. No word yet on if the woman is facing charges.