Buyers claim breeder sold fake goldendoodles


SAN DIEGO — Dozens of people say they fell victim to what they are calling a puppy scam, and say the woman at the center of it is in San Diego.

Martha Bruna owns Louisiana-based MNJ Kennels, a highly reputable breeder of standard-sized labradoodles. She said she had a gut feeling something was wrong when she said Kathryn Windsor called, first to buy one puppy, then a second, and eventually six.

“I didn’t want my puppies to wind up in a pound in San Diego and that’s when it started snowballing,” Bruna said.

Bruna said she sent two puppies, but after hearing from a distraught young woman whose puppy never arrived, she canceled the last four deliveries. She then said she discovered Kathryn Windsor, who also goes by Beverly Hoburg, was the owner of Mini Tuxedo Goldendoodles and was buying the puppies for around $1,500 and reselling them for $3,800. Bruna claimed the woman also falsified documents. 

“She left the dog’s name then whited out labradoodle and wrote goldendoodle,” Bruna said.

Bruna said she was worried that people expecting minis were actually getting a dog that would grow to 40 or 50 pounds. She said she set out to find out where exactly where her puppies ended up, and that’s when the landslide of complaints started. 

She said she and her daughter started a Facebook page called “Mini tux doodle scams.” It was immediately flooded with posts and pictures by people who feel they were fraudulently sold sick puppies, puppies that clearly were not mini or even goldendoodles or labradoodles — some whose hair completely fell out after it appeared to be dyed.  

“There is not a single thing funny about what she’s doing. It’s disgusting and she needs to be stopped,” Bruna said.

FOX 5 reached out to Windsor — or Hoburg — but did not hear back. The woman has not been charged with any crimes.

FOX 5 also visited the address in Ocean Beach from where several victims said they picked up their puppies in the last month. The place was vacant and for rent.

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