SAN DIEGO– Hundreds of locals and tourists are flocking to San Diego and the beach communities this holiday weekend.

Businesses say they are also seeing the crowds in their shops.

“The whole week has been busier, I think more people are out, more people are traveling, people are happy to be out and about and having a good time,” said Shanti Claydon, the owner of El Avocado Plant Based Food Restaurant.

This holiday weekend, people are not shying away from the popular spots, or trying a new spot like El Avocado.

“Probably about 80 percent of our people are not plant-based, they just come in. They want good food. A lot of people are just staying around here and they just happen in here. And they’ll come three or four days out of their stay,” Claydon said.

El Avocado is spicing up the summer with Friday Bingo Nights, Live DJ Sundays and bottomless mimosa deals.

In Pacific Beach, 710 Beach Club is also offering drink specials such as $7 slushies, karaoke and live bands. They are also adding more staff for the holiday weekend.

“It feels so good. We really missed this during the past couple of years. This whole culture and friendships and we have so many dedicated regulars who are like, ‘I’m going to be there, holiday weekend.’ I’m just excited to see everyone,” said Laura Hix, a server at 710 Beach Club.

When people are not eating and drinking, they might get some art, the permanent kind down in Mission Beach.

“We do a lot of tourist tattoos, palm trees waves cactuses,” said Chance Ewing, a tattoo artist at Mission Beach Tattoo. “It’s like a better souvenir to take home, your dog can’t chew it up.”

Ewing said they see a lot of people from Arizona and Texas, averaging about ten tattoos a day. But he said, there are concerns people’s spending could change.

“This year, we got gas prices, high inflation. That’s really not helping with the situation,” Ewing said.