SAN DIEGO — Community leaders in San Ysidro and Kearny Mesa’s Convoy District are exploring more parking options.

This discussion comes as Pacific Beach is set to begin operating its first parking meters on Nov. 1.  

“Parking here is a headache, it’s horrible. I feel like we are losing a lot of customers,” said Omar Martinez, district manager for Mr. Moto Pizza.

“Yeah, definitely need more parking. Sometimes people say I’m here, my friends need to find a parking space,” said Andy Zhong, an employee at Handoo Korean BBQ. 

Several businesses in Convoy District agree that something has to be done about the parking in the area.  

The San Diego City Council’s Infrastructure Committee approved for the Convoy District to create a Community Parking District (CPD). The city said they have not formalized the CPD yet. The CPD is required before installing meters. 

Zhong said the meters could help customers.

“During the weekend, they might need to find someplace on the other plaza or on the back street over, but overall — it’s okay,” Zhong said.  

People parking near businesses and not visiting them is a problem, according to Martinez.

“They stay there for 8 hours, 12 hours,” he explained.

Installing meters in the Convoy District is not guaranteed just because they created a community parking district. 

Instead, a city study suggests trying other options first, such as angled parking or posted time limits. If parking scarcity is not alleviated, the city suggests parking meters.  

The study can be viewed here.

While commenting on parking meters, Martinez said, “I don’t think that’s going to help, its going to increase the problem to us. I feel like people would see it and say ‘no I’m not going to, I’m only here for five minutes to pick up a pizza.'”

Martinez said having some parking oversight would be a better solution.  

“Someone that is going to monitor and be around to move people around that would be great,” Martinez said. 

The parking options in the Convoy District are still in the early stages. 

San Ysidro and Kearny Mesa (Convoy) parking district plans still have to be approved by the City Council. The ATI (Active Transportation and Infrastructure) Committee has approved the formation of the community parking districts and city council approval is pending for early December.   

According to the city, there are no meters planned for the Kearny Mesa Community Parking District, nor has discussion started on it. Any future installation in either of the new districts would require a separate community process. 

Per Council Policy 200-04, installation of parking meters requires a separate noticing and approval process from the adoption of the CPD Annual Plans and Budgets and meter zones.

Upon request by the community, the policy requires written notification to be sent to all property owners (or a homeowner’s association if one exists) and residents within 250 feet of the proposed parking meters.

The notification must include information about the facts supporting the recommended installation, noticed public meeting where the proposed changes will be discussed, the criteria for evaluation, and a description of the approval process.

Upon approval of the request, city staff will develop a site plan identifying proposed improvements. Installation of parking meters, parking striping, and signage are installed by City crews.