SAN DIEGO – It was a busy Labor Day in San Diego County as thousands of people flocked to the beach, all while enjoying a day off for work. With that, comes all the businesses banking on people eating out, grabbing a quick bite, or something to drink.

“We need people, we need electricity here,” shared Jackson Reneau, who works at 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach.

Electricity is exactly what he and his coworkers brought to the table this Labor Day weekend.

“Foot traffic is crazy here which is one of our big deals, that’s why we got the speakers outside, to draw people in,” said Reneau, who was certainly making the most out of the wave of holiday tourists in search of a cold one. “It’s always a blast here, especially on the weekends.”

Just a bit down the road, you’ll find a similar story at Baja Beach Cafe, where the food is hot, the drinks are cold and business is booming.

“With all the tourism especially Labor Day, there has been so many new faces, a lot of people are staying in the Airbnb’s down here. It’s been great,” said Jazzlyn Islas, who is an employee there.

Not too far from Crystal Pier, you’ll find South Coast Surf Shop, a known hot spot for all things surf in Pacific Beach.

“We do see our business fluctuate pretty heavily on the weather being a beach-centric store. If the weather’s nice, we’re busy, if it’s overcast not so much,” shared Dustin Wade, who helps manage the shop.

He said while there was sunshine, the rain over the weekend did slow down business.

“It definitely hurt us a little bit, but the last two days with it being beautiful out, it’s definitely picked up a bit,” Wade said.

As the sun sets on the final days of the summer tourism season, local businesses celebrate a job well done all in true Labor Day fashion.

“I think Labor Day has just topped off the lively environment that San Diego kind of represents,” Islas said.