SAN DIEGO — Businesses have been impacted by the heavy rain all week in a variety of ways, from slow business to damage and debris.

“It wasn’t a good new year because the place is all flooded,” said Erman Cruz, general manager at Sorrento Canyon Golf Center.

To get to Sorrento Canyon Golf Center, you have to take Carroll Canyon Road which has a reputation of flooding easily.  All the water, debris and dirt ended up at the center. 

“We’ve been doing this every time it rains because of the problem with that road that connects the water drain. It’s not enough to hold the volume of the water,” Cruz said.

The center had to rent special equipment just to accommodate customers in the parking lot again, but some still didn’t want to brave the elements. 

“As an instructor, it’s pretty much the day off. All the students cancel,” Jacob Williams said.  

In Santee, the drive-in theater had noticeably less cars compared to peak summer time. The drive-in says unfortunately weather events like these end up with them taking a loss, but it is still committed to staying open 365 days a year.

A car wash isn’t a place you’d expect to be busy on a week like this, but Soapy Joe’s latest location in Miramar still had a handful of cars coming through. 

“People are really into their cars, they want to take care of them so it is interesting to see people come in while it’s raining and then obviously once it stops, the traffic does pick up quite a bit,” said Austin Torres, district manager for Soapy Joes.