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OTAY MESA, Calif. — On Sunday, authorities discovered a drug tunnel in Otay Mesa near the U.S./Mexico border. Now, those in the area are reacting to the news.

One local business owner said she was not surprised and that this is not the first time she’s seen one pop up in this area.

“When we first moved in, they had a tunnel coming from that way right across my property and all the way over down to here,” says local bag printer Patti Quinn.

Quinn has run her business in Otay Mesa for the past 10 years and says she rarely sees criminal activity around here.

“I have no problems here,” says Quinn. “I have been here like 10 years. I’ve had maybe one time someone siphoned gasoline but no break-ins. No thefts.”

Tijuana Police along with the Mexican National Guard discovered the drug tunnel at a house Saturday night on the east side of Tijuana. The tunnel was reportedly used to smuggle drugs into the U.S. along with other illicit activities. Deputies and DEA agents were seen guarding the U.S. side.

A similar drug tunnel was also discovered in the area back in March when agents seized 4,400 pounds of drugs.

Despite these recent findings, Quinn says she still feels safe and comfortable in the area.

“You never know, but I’ve been blessed,” says Quinn. “I’ve been protected. Like I said, I’ve been here ten years and no real problems.”

Customs and Border Protection is investigating and has sealed off the U.S. side of the tunnel.