SAN DIEGO — Authorities on Wednesday evening were able to detonate a chemical substance inside a bottle that was found on campus at the University of California, San Diego, school officials said.

The UCSD Environment Health and Safety team initially responded to an almost empty liter bottle that was found on campus in Pacific Hall earlier Wednesday, Leslie Sepuka, a spokesperson for the university, told FOX 5.

The UCSD team, however, was unsuccessful in the removal of the bottle and called San Diego Fire Rescue, along with a hazmat team and bomb squads, to assist.

“The building was evacuated to ensure the safety of the campus community and the lab was cleared of hazards in the immediate area,” Sepuka said.

First responders were able to detonate the substance, a common solvent known as diethyl ether that had decomposed into organic peroxides, the San Diego-Union Tribune reported. The campus was then deemed safe.