SAN DIEGO — A judge will decide later this month whether a sexually violent predator will be given a conditional release to the desert community of Borrego Springs.

“Sexually violent predators are the worst of the worst and they should not be put back into any neighborhoods in San Diego County,” said San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond, who stood with protesting residents from Borrego Springs before the hearing.

Sixty-nine-year-old Michael Martinez, diagnosed as a pedophile with personality disorders, was convicted four times between 1979 and 2004 in San Diego and Los Angeles counties in separate cases involving child molestation and other crimes against underage victims.

The California Department of State Hospitals has recommended placing Martinez at a home on Running M Road, which residents say is right next to homes with children.

“We’re a community of families and retired people — a vulnerable population. When we have kids living right nextdoor to where they wanna place an SVP, that’s not OK,” said Victoria Baay, a school principal.

“I asked myself, ‘how do I tell my children that they have to go to bed at night and live in fear of somebody attacking them?’” said Terrie Kellmeyer.

Martinez is currently receiving treatment at Coalinga State Hospital.

Last summer, the state recommended Martinez’ supervised, conditional release to a home in Ranchita, just west of Borrego Springs, but a deal with the landlord fell through.

During the placement hearing, Judge David Gill said he’ll make his decision by July 22 after visiting the site in Borrego Springs.