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LA MESA, Calif. — San Diego lifeguards pulled a woman’s body from the water at Lake Murray Sunday afternoon.

Police said recovery operations started just before 1 p.m. after someone reported seeing a body in the lake near the 5500 block of Kiowa Drive.

“We saw like five or six police cars, we were wondering what’s going on,” said Konstantin Belyanin, who was fishing nearby.

The San Diego Police Department said the Medical Examiner’s Office was notified and took possession of the body.

Chula Vista Police Department said Sunday evening that there is no indication the remains belong to missing mom of three Maya Millete.

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“It’s definitely eerie, you know? It’s like my heart sunk and I just felt basically panic,” said Liliana Burke, a friend of the family who came to Lake Murray looking for information before police said the body wasn’t believed to be Millete.

Police say the body belongs to a woman but no details about her identity have been released.

Lake Murray is located within the boundary of Mission Trails Regional Park, which lies between the city of San Diego and the neighboring communities of La Mesa and Santee. The lake is open for shore fishing and private boats sunrise to sunset seven days a week.