CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Law enforcement Sunday found a man’s body in the Otay Valley Regional Park, according to the San Diego Police Homicide Unit.

Authorities received a call before 11 a.m. Sunday about a body south of 266 Rancho Drive in Chula Vista near a skatepark, officials said. The deceased man had injuries indicating he had been part of a violent crime.

A neighbor spoke with FOX 5 who said he saw the body with the family members of the victim.

“My daughter came outside and she called me ‘dad the fire department is outside!’ so I came outside and I saw my friend and he started running, and he said, we found (him), so we start walking downhill and we (found) the body,” said the anonymous neighbor. 

He continued to say that the family has identified the body as their relative and that he had injuries to two parts of his body. Police later confirmed that there was trauma to the victim in his upper body.

Relatives told the neighbor that he was missing his shoes and other articles of clothing.

The neighbor described the deceased man as a lonely and quiet person as well as someone who regularly went to the park. Officials added that he was a 49-year-old male who lived with family members nearby in Chula Vista.

“He’s a quiet guy, he was sitting all the time right outside my house, he’s not a (person) looking for problems,” continued to say the neighbor.

Even though the body was found in the Chula Vista area, San Diego Police Department Homicide Unit will be taking over the case.

If anyone has information about the case, they are asked to come forward.