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SAN DIEGO — Mission Beach was packed with beer enthusiasts Saturday for BeerX San Diego amid a six-month high in daily coronavirus cases in the county.

Live music and local breweries brought thousands to the event as organizers worked to make sure guests were safe.

“Love it,” concertgoer Kelly MacLea said. “Super rad. Everybody’s out here having a good time.”

Many guests said they felt safe because they are fully vaccinated.

“I feel okay because we’re outdoors,” guest Samantha Flores said. “I’m vaccinated. I have my six feet of distance, so I’m cool.”

Others were still cautious because coronavirus cases are on the rise in San Diego County.

“The reason I’m wearing my mask is because I have kids at home that aren’t vaccinated,” guest Blanca Garcia said.

Garcia worries about the new delta and Lambda variants of the disease, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying the festival.

“Because it’s more spreadable, because the coronavirus wasn’t as spreadable as the new delta and newer virus,” she said. “So we still worry, but having said that, we still have to get out and do something.”

The organizers of the festival say they placed several hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue and shared safety guidelines with guests. They also undersold the venue by 30% to allow for social distancing.

“The people that hosted had very good guidelines with anybody who was vaccinated and stuff like that, so I feel definitely safe coming out here tonight,” guest Scott Dobbs said.

The organizers say they estimate the festival brought a total of 4,000 visitors throughout the day. They also made sure to follow all city, state and county safety requirements.