SAN DIEGO — A high surf advisory along the San Diego coastline attracted some people to the beach, although several people have said they still remain cautious while in the water.

Michael Becker, a 12-year-old surfer from Ocean Beach, said when it comes to the high surf advisory, it’s all about adrenaline. He said he’s taking advantage of the big waves by going to surf at Windandsea in La Jolla on Tuesday, then came down to Ocean Beach Wednesday. Becker said he has no fear of bigger waves.

“Why are you scared of water? You’re made of it,” Becker said.

Michael’s father, Joe Becker, said conditions did not look too bad for him and his three boys. The father added that people should stay vigilant.

“It’s most important to take cautionary measures, not just as parents but in our community to go ahead and watch out for our kids. And not just our kids, but other people’s kids,” Joe Becker said.

Ric Stell, a marine lieutenant with the San Diego Lifeguards, advises beachgoers to always swim near a lifeguard.

A family visiting from Visalia said the high surf advisory did not deter them from a good time at Ocean Beach.

“Had some fun going in the deep end,” three-year-old swimmer Beau Sherman said.

Beau’s mother, Tara Sherman, said she shared the news of the advisory with her three little ones.

“When we come out here, we don’t want the kids going out too far, so we let them play with their feet deep,” Sherman said.

For people like Michael who did venture further out, he said the bigger waves did make it harder to get from the pier. But compared to waves normally, Michael says “the style is kind of the same, closeout, set and then close out.”

Stell said a high surf advisory does not necessarily increase the number of rescues, but mentioned they did see a significant amount in the last couple days.

The high surf advisory ends Thursday at 8 a.m.