SAN DIEGO — The owners of a barbecue restaurant in the Morena neighborhood say aggressive homeless people have been targeting their business, making them afraid to walk to their cars at night because of the constant harassment.

“Last night it really hit hard when they did the mural,” said Mari Iaquinta. the owner of the Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ.  

Their patio was vandalized and foul language was scrawled across their western style mural. Iaquinta said over the last two years the homeless issue has gone from a nuisance to a danger.

“After they spray painted the patio, he went to take out the trash and he was attacked by two guys with a skateboard,” said Iaquinta, speaking about what her brother had suffered while closing the restaurant.  

The owner said that Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ has now suffered three physical attacks from aggressive homeless people. One employee was hit with a shovel, another was hit with a guitar and the latest attackers were wielding a skateboard, according to Iaquinta  

The Morena District is a mix of industrial commercial and restaurants. Local business have been reporting homeless problems for years, but locals say the issue is only getting worse. Police did respond to the latest attack and one person was taken into custody.