SAN DIEGO — Some of the fastest boats in the world are once again putting on a show at Mission Bay.

“We call it the largest water sports festival in California,” said Gregg Mansfield, a San Diego Bayfair organizer.

This is the 58th year for San Diego Bayfair – three days of boat racing across East Vacation Island, Crown Point and Fiesta Island.

Competitors come in from all over the country.

“I’m probably the only cop in the water, but I am the fastest cop in the water,” said Sean Bowsher, a racer and police officer from Illinois.

Jimmy Shane is a rocket engineer from Texas — back for his 20th year at Bayfair, driving one of the H1 Unlimited hydroplanes that go close to 200 mph.

“We love it here. The ambiance and environment down here in San Diego is amazing. Really looking forward to this race every year, and for me it’s the people that continue to come back, catch up with them and stories from years past,” said Shane.

There’s more than boat racing for spectators to enjoy. This year is the return of the BBQ Festival on Crown Point along with car and motorcycle shows.

“Saturday is our biggest day. I think Sunday people want to recover or something like that, but we got great boat racing. Sunday’s probably the best boat racing because you get all your finals, but our goal is always to have something on the water from morning to late afternoon,” said Mansfield.

Around 75,000 spectators are expected through the weekend.

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