SAN DIEGO — Balboa Park officially reopened Friday morning after yesterday’s strong winds wreaked havoc on the park.

José Ysea, a Public Information Officer for the City of San Diego, told FOX 5 that there were a total of 35 large trees that toppled in the area. It prompted the city to close Balboa Park for the first time since the 1990s due to weather related issues.

SKY FOX flew over the area Friday morning giving viewers a bird’s-eye view of the mess left behind.

While the city has reopened the park, Ysea is warning people to stay clear of the areas that may be blocked off as the city works to remove trees and clear out the large branches and heavy tree limbs.

“Our crews have been busy,” said Ysea. “They’re going to continue to be busy so while the park is reopened, we do ask for people’s patience and to be careful when they are going around the park because our crews are going to be actively cleaning up debris and picking up limbs.”

Experts are also assessing the condition of other trees still standing.

As far as the San Diego Zoo, which also sits in Balboa Park, zoo officials say it was not affected by the strong winds.