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LEMON GROVE, Calif. – One person was hurt in a shooting Wednesday evening outside of a strip mall in Lemon Grove, local authorities said.

San Diego County sheriff’s deputies responded to a 6:20 p.m. call about the incident near an Albertsons grocery store parking lot in the Lemon Grove Plaza on Broadway and Massachusetts Avenue. Deputies told FOX 5 the victim, a transient man who has not been publicly identified, is believed to have been shot by a person driving by while he was standing just outside of the grocery store.

The victim was taken to a local hospital. He is expected to recover from his injuries, deputies say, after a Marine combat lifesaver who was walking by jumped in to assist.

“I sprinted over there as fast as I could, got to him,” Giovanni Brunacini said. “He had two gunshot wounds here, two lower abdomen and an exit wound here. He got skinned in the back. He got lucky and then he got shot in his wrist.”

Once he heard the gunshots, Brunacini grabbed the med bag from his car and got to work.

“I believe we were able to stop the bleeding on those two gunshot wounds here,” he said, “and then after the police came, I had them apply pressure there so I could work on his wrist.”

Deputies remained in the area of the strip mall for several hours. They taped up much of parking lot in the area, but people still were able to go in and out of Albertsons.

The incident remains under investigation.