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SAN DIEGO — Dozens of artists with autism showed off their talent in a unique event at UC San Diego Saturday.

One of the artists included a star from Autism’s Got Talent. 

Artistic talent can come from artists of all different shapes, sizes, or abilities.

“I been doing art for such a long time,” Joel Anderson, an artist who has autism said. “I started drawing when I was five and painting since I was 11.”

Anderson’s creations are featured in this art exhibition which also showcases 23 other artists with autism.

Joel says he finds his inspiration everywhere. “When I look at art and books and history and video and everything that I see.”

Autism Society San Diego teamed up with Mainly Mozart to put on this 4th annual “Lights! Camera! Autism! Back in the Spotlight!” event.

“We’re so grateful and really honored to be partners in Lights! Camera! Autism! This year where we look at genius under different lenses,” says Nancy Laturno of Mainly Mozart.

Even the businesses showcased at this event, including the one that provided the floral décor, employs workers diagnosed with autism.

“It really showcases a variety of talents across the autism spectrum. We have visual artists. We have film artists. We even have caterers here that are on the autism spectrum. So really trying to showcase everyone’s talents,” says Dustin Tracey of Autism Society San Diego.

The star of a Netflix documentary called “The Speed Cubers” Max Park also attended to support his fellow artists on the autism spectrum, showing that there is no limit in talent or creativity among those with disabilities.

“It’s really the first time that these individuals have a chance to really have a spotlight shown on to them and it’s something where they are really the focus of everyone’s attention, so it’s something they deserve and something we’re happy to provide,” says Tracey.