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SAN DIEGO — Officers made an arrest in southeast San Diego Wednesday after a man with blood-covered hands showed up at a neighbor’s door and made some kind of disturbing remarks, San Diego police said.

Officers got the call from a resident in the Emerald Hills neighborhood around 2:15 p.m. The caller told authorities that a possibly intoxicated man with blood on his hands had knocked on the door of their house on Elwood Avenue near Hilltop Drive. When the resident answered, the man said something about harming family members, though it wasn’t immediately clear what he meant, a San Diego Police Department watch commander told FOX 5.

Police headed to the area to confront the man. A significant number of police SUVs lined the street and a group of officers gathered in one of the homes’ front yards, video from SkyFOX showed.

Police eventually entered through the front door of the house, though it wasn’t immediately clear if they had to force their way in or they were allowed inside. A short time later, paramedics also entered the front yard and could be seen placing a man on a stretcher and rolling him to a waiting ambulance.

The man appeared to have a “spit sock” over his head — a mesh hood sometimes placed on a person to keep them from biting or spitting on first responders.

Police confirmed they had arrested a suspect in the case, firing a bean bag round at him before they could take him into custody.

Everybody in the house where the man was found was safe and uninjured, so it wasn’t immediately clear why the man had blood on his hands, the watch commander said.

Further details were not immediately available.

Police stand nearby as paramedics wheel a suspect out of an Emerald Hills home following a disturbing 911 call from a resident who said a neighbor with bloody hands showed up at his doorstep. (Photo: SkyFOX)