EL CAJON, Calif. — A judge Wednesday postponed the arraignment for 45-year-old Abdulhannan Al Wari, accused of killing his wife, due to not having an Arabic translator.

Al Wari faces a first-degree murder charge after El Cajon police arrived to their home Monday morning and found a woman, later determined to be his wife, dead with a gunshot wound.  

Friends came to support Al Wari in the courtroom and spoke out on what they think was a tragic mistake.  

“I talked to his son, he said he was sleeping and he said my dad always come – take off from his job at 5 and arrive to his home at 5:30, and what happened is maybe by accidental mistake that is what happened,” said Rafid Aldawi, a friend of the family.  

Aldawi says he knew the couple and the nine kids very well and is completely shocked by the news.  

“They are a very lovely family, I know them, they love each other. This is really a shock to the family, for the community at all,” said Aldawi.  

Aldawi says Al Wari is a nice man who recently helped other refugee families settle in San Diego.

“He support them up to the six months, take them to the shopping center, take them to their appointment, take them to health agency, he support them until they got a car – so he was driving the kids, the family and helping another family which arrived a month ago,” said Aldawi.  

The name of the mother is being withheld from the corners office, until they have a letter of release from her family overseas. In the meantime, the nine kids are staying with a family who arrived and was sponsored by Al Wari.  

“All the community know, Mr. Abdulhannan – because really we know him – he is a very good guy and he support the community as well,” said Aldawi.