SAN DIEGO — San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister on Friday announced, once again, that the deadline is approaching for San Diegans to file a claim for $1,056,186 in potential refunds.

The Treasurer-Tax Collector and other county departments have thousands of dollars that are owed to taxpayers as a result of overpaid taxes, along with other instances in which individuals and organizations did business with or received services from the county, the tax official explained in a news release.

“The holidays are quickly approaching, and every little bit helps, so we’re encouraging everyone to go to our website to find out if they are owed a refund,” said McAllister. “We’re doing all we can to reunite $1,056,186.10 in county refunds with its rightful owners.” 

A list of unclaimed refunds and who they are owed to can be found here. Claims can be made by emailing or calling 1-877-829-4732.

The deadline to make a claim is Nov. 30, according to the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s website.