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SAN DIEGO – As the Omicron COVID-19 variant spreads, local air travel is still expected to reach near pre-pandemic levels this holiday season.

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority said about one million travelers are expected to make their way through the San Diego International Airport from Friday through January 3.

A local Transportation Security Administration spokesperson said mornings will be the busiest time of day. 

“You’re just going to find a constant flow of people it will fill like pre-pandemic levels,” Lorie Dankers told FOX 5. 

She wants to remind holiday travelers to plan ahead for parking and make a reservation, if possible. She also said travelers should arrive early and mask up. 

To help save time, TSA is asking everyone to pack smart. That includes keeping all weapons out of your carry on along with liquids over 3.4 ounces, which includes holiday favorites like frosting and pudding. 

“Keep in mind if it’s a liquid it can be spilled, spread, it can be pumped or poured,” Dankers said. 

TSA is also asking travelers to leave items in bag available for search, if necessary. 

“We’re asking people not to wrap their gifts because if it needs further inspection our officer needs to unwrap that gift and it makes them look like the Grinch,” she said. 

Dankers said TSA staffing in San Diego is down about 20 officers right now, but that won’t affect travel because TSA pulls resources as needed from National staffing to make sure things go smoothly. 

The airport authority said terminal one construction will not delay travel wait time during holiday travel. It will primarily affect parking after January 3.