SAN DIEGO – Fireworks over Mission Bay returned with a boom Sunday, illuminating the skies and delighting residents after a decade-long absence.

The display, put on by the Mission Bay Yacht Club, was a welcome sight for young children who said the bright colors and loud bangs high over the bay were “just so cool.” Those of a certain age likely would not recall the last time the show happened there, as organizers ended a nearly 30-year run in 2012 due to budgetary constraints.

For those in attendance Sunday, they were a welcome sight as they were fired off from a barge between the yacht club’s property and Crowne Point Bridge.

“As a community, we love having it,” San Diego native Brittany Hilton said. “It’s part of our tradition.”

The show made a triumphant return thanks to a fundraiser spearheaded by Mission Bay Yacht Club Rear Commodore Kathy Dryden. With the club pitching in $20,000, members of the community raised the remaining $40,000 in a show of support for the holiday fireworks display.

“They all are the ones that made it possible,” Dryden said. “It was just our excitement that fueled it.”

There was plenty of excitement to go around from locals nostalgic for past shows over Mission Bay to visitors like Arizona resident Bryan McCormick, who makes the annual trek to San Diego during the summer with friends and family.

McCormick and his guests typically stay on a yacht at the club while in San Diego.

“We have family and friends here and just enjoying it with all these boats here,” he said. “Everybody is excited.”

For Hilton, the display brought back some fond childhood memories.

“I remember going to the beach with your family, having a barbecue,” she said. “As you get older, you reminisce and look forward to having those times together with your friends.”

Fireworks continue Monday with the area’s largest display, the Big Bay Boom, taking place starting at 9 p.m. in the San Diego Bay with fireworks discharged simultaneously from four barge locations.

Those who want to watch from home can do so on FOX 5 or from 8 to 9:30 p.m.