CORONADO, Calif. — New affordable housing mandates have taken hold in four cities after their lawsuit was declined to be heard at the California Supreme Court.

Coronado, Solana Beach, Lemon Grove and Imperial Beach will all be forced to rezone their cities to allow for major development projects focusing on affordable housing.

“Because of the decision today, the City of Coronado is going to be forced to change our zoning to accommodate over 900 more housing units. Now the state and SANDAG are requiring that a certain portion of those units are going to be, quote unquote affordable, or below the market rate housing,” said Richard Bailey, the mayor of Coronado.

Bailey says it’s really tough to build market rate housing in Coronado because it’s so expensive, questioning which developer would try to build something below market rate.

Each city has their own mandate for new housing units, but Coronado is certainly working with the least amount of room to successfully complete their mandate.

SANDAG and the state of California are desperate to bring housing prices down and find affordable housing for workers who commute to expensive communities. The cities will be forced to comply or face losing their ability to manage their own housing plans.

“The state has given themselves the ability to allow developers to get the right to build directly from the state,” Bailey said.

The cities have six months to a year to develop their new zoning laws or potentially suffer severe state actions.