Adopt a soldier or military family this holiday season


TALMAGE, Calif. — Anyone can adopt a soldier or a military family to their home this holiday season.

Thousands of service members in San Diego will be unable to go home for Christmas, but Major Glen Ignazio, a retired special ops Air Force commander, says families can make the difference.

“That loneliness is something that we would want to prevent because that is usually the worst thing for somebody,” he said.

Ignazio knows how it feels to be far away for the holidays.

“What would be the best for somebody to reach out and think about ‘What would I do if I was lonely and had nothing to do at Christmas?’” Ignazio said.

Volunteers are also able to help with Christmas gifts or air travel.

The Syren family, also known as the Zero Waste Family, adopted Ignazio for the evening, showing their Swedish-American traditions with him.

“That would be the most beautiful thing you can do and what a beautiful thing to teach your children that anyone is welcome at your table,” Fredika Syren said.

The Syren’s share the tradition of Fika with Ignazio.

“That is a concept, a Swedish tradition that you take a break in the morning and one break in the afternoon – you stop everything you are doing come together and have some coffee or tea,” Syren said.

The tradition expands beyond the holiday season, according to Syren.

“Come together for 30 minutes or 50 minutes and talk and connect with the people,” Syren said.

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