SAN DIEGO — Inmate deaths in San Diego County have been on the rise, with 19 deaths reported this year.

Activists have been spotlighting the dangerous conditions in the jail system for years, from drug overdoses to fatal fights. The latest death was a 52-year-old man who died Wednesday following a fight at George Bailey Detention Facility.

“We have a death every single month. Every single month, we know that somebody is going to die in San Diego County jail,” said Tasha Williamson, a community activist.

Reforms to the correctional system have been slow-moving and the death rate has continued to worsen.

“We don’t have real transparency, we don’t have real accountability,” said Yosef Miller from North County Equity and Justice Coalition. “People would be afraid to allow someone to die under their watch if they could get sued.”

One of the major threats to inmates in recent years has been drug overdoses, but according to inmates and activists, drugs are easily smuggled into the jails.

“We can clean up these jails. We can make sure that the intercoms are working for safety,” Miller said. “We can make sure that there are no dead spots for the cameras, which the inmates and officers call the Thunderdome, where people can go and fight and no one can see them, and they can possibly kill someone.”