CHULA VISTA, Calif. — The woman accused of driving drunk and causing a collision that killed a teenage girl and her stepdad last year in National City returned to court Thursday for a preliminary hearing.

“I will never be the same person ever again. I miss her and I miss him so much,” said Kristen White, who lost her daughter and fiancé in the collision.

Forty-four-year-old Tayishe Baltys is accused of DUI and killing 15-year-old Jessica “Lola” Talamante and 39-year-old Brian McKee on the night of June 22, 2022.

“She has no remorse at all. Actually wanna get up and go hit her, go beat her up — but I know I can’t because this is for my daughter and Brian,” said White.

Talamante and McKee were walking home from a nearby 7-Eleven on East Plaza Boulevard in National City when they were hit by a car as they crossed the street.

Baltys was arrested at the scene and investigators say she was going over the speed limit.

During the preliminary hearing, testimony revealed on the night of the crash Baltys and two friends, both women, went out for drinks and food at Dave & Buster’s in Mission Valley.

Investigators testified the defendant had around six to nine drinks, then got in her car after the friends told bartenders they planned to take rideshares home.

Investigators say at the scene of the crash, Baltys had red eyes and slurred speech.

She also failed a sobriety test and that further testing showed she had a blood-alcohol content of around .14 – well above the legal limit.

Prosecutors also say, at the time, she had just completed probation for another DUI charge from 2020.

“The fact that she was out partying, drinking and then she got in her car … she must go to prison for murder. Especially because she got a prior DUI, which she got probation three weeks earlier. I just want justice for my daughter and for Brian,” said White.

The preliminary hearing will determine whether the case goes to trial and is expected to finish Friday.