SAN DIEGO — A local photographer who’s been known to let his creative instincts lead the way was guided by the Milky Way on Wednesday night, capturing another standstill moment.

As the Summer Solstice came to an end at nightfall in San Diego County, the first night of the season brought with it a glitter-filled sky in the rural near Palomar Mountain.

Though usually called to the coast to snap marine activity or to capture the wonder of bioluminescent waves, Vishwas Lokesh grabbed his camera and headed east. He found himself gazing up at the summer sky from the Lake Henshaw View Point.

This scenic overlook is a stopping point for many looking to take in the blues of the lake and greenery surrounding it. On the first night of summer, however, it proved to be a dim yet sparkling spectacle for this sky gazer with an artists’ eye.

“I love Lake Henshaw, because of its proximity to the city yet sustains the feeling of being in the woods amidst the dark sky,” Lokesh told FOX 5. “Going further inland definitely makes it easier to view with bare eyes as the darker skies brings out more structure in the Milky Way.”

Lokesh captured the San Diego sky as it offered a glimpse into the universe beyond Southern California. Here’s a look at some of those images:

  • A panorama shot of a starry sky at Lake Henshaw.
  • A starry sky at Lake Henshaw.
  • a starry sky at Lake Henshaw
  • A starry sky at Lake Henshaw.

“Sitting down and gazing at the starry skies brings a feeling of calmness in me and I usually go into retrospective mode, thinking about how small we are and our struggles in comparison to the vast universe,” said Lokesh. “Yet we make an impact that’s quite significant and in the end, I always end up thinking how lucky I am to experience moments like this with such ease.”

Sky gazing season has arrived and the National Weather Service says the sunset in San Diego County will hover around 8 p.m. for the next week or so. This should provide some extra time to get to those picture perfect spots for viewing the sun sink and the stars appear.

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