SAN DIEGO – San Diego is no stranger to deployments and military homecomings. But for one local couple, Tuesday was a little extra special.

Marine Corps Capt. Mo Mills, an Osprey pilot, had an emotion-filled reunion with his pregnant wife, Dr. Morgan Davis. Mills has been deployed for the past several months, during which time he and Davis learned that they’re expecting a child together.

“I haven’t been able to see him since and he hasn’t seen me,” Davis said. “We haven’t been able to go to any doctor’s appointments together, so it’ll be really special having him back.”

She adds, “I’ve missed him every single day.”

Waiting Tuesday at the San Diego International Airport, Davis, a resident at UC San Diego Health, said her stomach was in knots. She just learned about her husband’s return over the weekend and came with balloons and a sign which read, “Just in time to be my Valentine” and “Welcome home, Big Mo!”

“It was kind of a last-minute surprise, but a good surprise,” she said.

And all at once, he appeared. The two shared a loving embrace in the airport’s terminal, reunited and ready for the time ahead together.

“Coming back early to see her is definitely a blessing,” Mills said. “Definitely seeing it in person is a big difference than over FaceTime. It’s definitely a reality check.”

Walking together through the airport, Davis asked Mills, “Are you excited?” to which he responded, “Yes.”

“Love you,” she said.

“Love you, too,” he responded.