SAN DIEGO — Affordable housing options are expanding in San Diego, according to the County Communications Office.

A grand opening event was held Thursday in celebration of a new apartment building on Ulric Street in Linda Vista, officials said. There are now 96 new affordable housing options for families and individuals.

The apartments, which were developed by local non-profit Community HousingWorks, include studio units, along with one, two and three-bedroom spaces that are large enough for families.

There are also 10 units reserved young people who have aged out of the foster care system and 10 apartments for unhoused veterans, the communications office explained.

“I couldn’t get an apartment even though I had the money because I didn’t have the right credentials,” explained local veteran Mathew Barge, who the county said was living on the streets. “I didn’t have credit, you know, those type of things that keep you from getting affordable housing.”

Barge, and his dog Bojangles, now have a place to call home in Linda Vista.

“We’re all in at the County of San Diego, not only in the creation but the preservation of affordable housing units. And it’s not just affordable: it’s safe and it’s stable,” said Nick Macchione, Director of the County Health and Human Services Agency, at the grand opening event.

The apartments are located near public transportation, schools, stores and even a park, the county explained. Plus, there is computer lab, a fitness room and a playground for residents of the apartments to use freely.

“To the families that are living here: I welcome you to this beautiful apartment complex, to this beautiful community, this beautiful neighborhood of Linda Vista,” said City of San Diego Mayor, Todd Gloria.

To make this new development a reality, the county said it invested $7 million of Innovative Housing Trust Funds in the project in an effort to secure housing for local residents.

Officials say these efforts are part of the county’s ongoing response to San Diego’s housing affordability crisis.