SAN DIEGO – A 93-year-old man is suspected of hitting another elderly man with his car and leaving the scene in Rancho Peñasquitos, said the San Diego Police Department.

At around 5:30 p.m. Friday, a 2012 Honda Fit driven by the 93-year-old man was headed north on the northbound #2 lane of 10500 Carmel Mountain Road when he suddenly veered to the right and hit a 63-year-old male bicyclist on the right edge of the same lane, police said.

Police said the 93-year-old man then sped away from the scene, leaving the bicyclist with facial lacerations and an open distal fibular fracture.

With the help of witnesses, officers were able to get the license plate and locate the suspect in the hit-and-run, according to SDPD.

Police do not believe that DUI was a factor in the crash. The 93-year-old man’s license has since been confiscated and an emergency DMV reevaluation was issued. Officers did not say if he was arrested or not.

It is unknown why the 93-year-old driver veered to the right of the road, according to police.