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SAN DIEGO (CNS) – The San Diego Humane Society recovered nearly 100 stray animals Monday, many of which the agency says likely ran away from their homes overnight during Fourth of July fireworks celebrations.

The group reported Monday afternoon that 92 strays, including 75 dogs, were found by its teams combing the region’s communities for pets who were likely frightened by Independence Day festivities.

“July 5th has been a very busy day at San Diego Humane Society,” spokeswoman Nina Thompson said, adding that the organization anticipates a few hundred pets coming through Tuesday.

Anyone who lost a pet was advised to check San Diego Humane Society’s Lost and Found Pets page at

If you’re an owner of a lost pet, tracking expert Babs Fry says don’t jump in your car to go look for it. 

“They’re operating on fear,” Fry said. “The only thing they want is their people and what you do when you go looking for your dog is you take all of your smells with you and now that dog goes everywhere you went looking for you. You can’t catch a moving target; they can’t catch a moving target.”

She also suggests leaving your door open for 24 hours, and placing a dirty sock at the front door.

“You want to take a sock turn it out by the door, put another one up high so the wind will carry that smell,” Fry said.

Those who find a stray pet are urged to try to locate the owner in the area first. The pet may have tags with a phone number, which could prevent a ride to the shelter.

“July Fourth is a holiday for people, not animals, which is why we typically see an increased number of stray pets at San Diego Humane Society in the days following the celebrations,” said Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of the San Diego Humane Society. “Pets spooked by the noise have been known to jump fences out of fear and confusion. It is so important for pet parents to plan ahead and make sure their animals are safe.

“In the event your pet does get lost, please file a report with us and check our website for stray animals we have taken in.”

 Fry has been on the job for about 72 straight hours, and the hard work has paid off.

“Managed to get 10 dogs secured off the streets,” she said.

She said the other two things owners should do is call the Humane Society and post to social media. Most importantly, she recommends get your pet microchipped because if she finds your dog and it’s chipped, she can call you directly to come and get it.

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