LEMON GROVE, Calif. – Thousands of SDG&E customers were without power in the Lemon Grove area Saturday after a pickup truck hit a power pole.

The hit-and-run crash happened in Lemon Grove and Canton avenues, said the San Diego Sheriff’s Office. SDG&E adds that the pole contained electrical equipment on which the wreck caused a cascade effect.

More than 7,000 SDG&E customers were temporarily without power Saturday evening, according to the agency’s outage map.

The first outage began around 8:15 p.m. in Lemon Grove. Encanto, Emerald Hills and Valencia Park also had some customers in the dark.

Additionally, neighborhoods such as Paradise Hills, Skyline and Bay Terraces were also temporarily affected.

As of Sunday afternoon, all power had been restored to customers, according to the SDG&E outage map.

If this article is not up to date you can always view the current outage here.

At the height of the outage, 11,000 customers were without power but SDG&E was able to immediately restore 4,000 customers’ power within the first hour of the outage, according to the agency.