SAN DIEGO – Agents with the United States Border Patrol Wednesday arrested a U.S. citizen on suspicion of attempting to smuggle more the $60,000 worth of methamphetamines inside children’s car seats.

The driver was arrested after agents conducted a stop on Interstate 15, just north of the Newton Azrak Border Patrol Station, for a vehicle holding two adults and four children, USBP said in a news release.

During a search, Border Patrol K9 officers alerted the agents to narcotics inside of the children’s booster seats. Agents then found several packages that contained a white crystal-like substance that later tested positive for methamphetamine.

In total, 26.9 pounds of meth were recovered from the vehicle. Border Patrol officials say the drugs have an estimated street value of $60,000.

The four children inside of the car and their mother were released while the driver and the drugs were turned over to the Inland Crackdown Allied Taskforce. The vehice was also seized by Border Patrol, officials say.

“Our agents continue to work around the clock to protect our communities,” said Aaron M. Heitke, Chief Patrol Agent at the San Diego Sector. “Drug smugglers will use any means necessary to get their poison onto our streets. Nothing is sacred to them, not even family.”