SAN DIEGO — More than 600 units of affordable housing will soon be made available for low-income residents, the County of San Diego Communications Office said Thursday.

The county’s Housing and Community Development Services (HCDS) has awarded more than $29 million in funds, along with 121 project-based vouchers, to nine different developments in the region to make this happen, according to the county.

“This is another great opportunity for us to expand housing for our neighbors most in need,” said David Estrella, director of the county’s HCDS. “Each of these projects means the world to a struggling family or those with special needs who would otherwise be out on the street.” 

Here’s a breakdown of where San Diegans can expect these developments, along with how many occupants each one is anticipated to house.

-Development: Iris Avenue Trolley Apartments  

Developer: Eden Housing
Location: 1507 Howard Ave., San Diego
Total Units = 64 (23 ELI-Extremely Low Income, PSH-Permanent Supportive Housing Units)
Funding = $3,000,000 (ARPA-American Rescue Plan Act) 

-Development: Imperial Beach Neighborhood Center  

Developer: Wakeland Housing & Community Development
Location: 455 Palm Ave., Imperial Beach
Total Units = 50 (13 ELI PSH Units)
Funding = $3,504,438.63 (HOME- Home Investment partnerships/CDBG-Community Development Block Grant/PLHA- Permanent Local Housing Allocation) $3,023,554 (NPLH-No Place Like Home) 25(PBV-Project Based Voucher) 

-Development: The Grant at Mission Trails  

Developer: CRP Affordable Housing & Community Development
Location: 5945 Mission Gorge Rd., San Diego
Total Units = 48 (14 ELI PSH Units)
Funding = $2,750,000 (ARPA) 

-Development: Johnson (El Cajon)  

Owner: San Diego Youth Services
Location: 302 S Johnson Ave, El Cajon
Total Units = 10 (1 ELI PSH Units)
Funding = 5(PBV) 

-Development: Messina (Mt. Etna)  

Developer: Chelsea Investment Corp
Location: 5255 Mt. Etna Dr., San Diego
Total Units = 79 (9 ELI PSH Units)
Funding = $1,865,920 (ARPA) 

-Development: Taormina (Mt. Etna)  

Developer: Chelsea Investment Corp
Location: 5255 Mt. Etna Dr., San Diego
Total Units = 136 (15 ELI PSH Units)
Funding = $2,205,511 (ARPA) 

-Development: Alvarado Senior Village  

Developer: San Diego Community Housing Corp
Location: 528 East Alvarado St, Fallbrook
Total Units = 54 (42 ELI PSH Units)
Funding = $4,900,000 (HOME/CDBG/PLHA) $1,270,200 (NPLH) 53(PBV)  

-Development: Villa Serena Phase 2  

Developer: National CORE
Location: 340 Marcos St., San Marcos
Total Units = 63 (13 ELI PSH Units)
Funding = $5,600,000 (ARPA/HOME) $1,058,580 (NPLH) 15(PBV) 

-Development: The Breezewood Apartments  

Owner: Kingdom Development
Location: 1560 S Escondido Blvd., Escondido
Total Units = 33 (4 ELI PSH Units)
Funding = 23(PBV) 

When completed, officials say these units will be available to people experiencing homelessness with serious mental illness, physical or developmental disabilities, families, elderly, veterans and others.