SAN DIEGO — 55 animals were rescued from a Golden Hill home Wednesday, San Diego Humane Society announced.

The animals were abandoned at the home after their owner was evicted, leaving behind the animals, SDHS said.

Among the animals rescued by the humane society were:

  • 16 adult quails
  • 30 quail chicks
  • 8 kittens
  • 1 adult cat

The animals were said to have been left in deplorable living conditions and were left without food or water, according to SDHS. The animals are safe and receiving care at a San Diego Humane Society facility.

The organizations Humane Law Enforcement team is investigating the incident. No information is currently available on the former owner of the animals.

Residents facing an overwhelming animal situation are urged to contact the San Diego Humane Society at 619-299-7012.