SAN DIEGO — The handheld sandwich American’s love — the hamburger — is so iconic that it’s recognized annually on May 28.

On National Hamburger Day, patty-filled buns with ketchup, mustard, onions and toppings galore will be devoured by burger-lovers nationwide.

For those celebrating the mouth-watering occasion in San Diego and want to take a bite out of something more outlandish, here are five unique patty creations waiting to be enjoyed at local burger joints in the region.

Spicy AF Burger at Smash & Dash

With marinated serrano peppers, grilled onions, smoky habanero burger sauce and American cheese, this smoking hot double-patty burger can be found ordered for take out or delivery. Smash & Dash is located in the College Area at 6334 El Cajon Blvd. Aztec Food Hub.

A Spicy AF Burger at Smash & Dash. (Photo: Smash & Dash)

Pig Burger at Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen

Staying true to it’s creators, this burger patty is a 50/50 mash up of ground pork and beef, giving it an “oinking” edge. This handheld treasure is topped with bacon jam, bread n’ butter picklers and sweet little gem lettuce. This burger can be enjoyed in Oceanside at 509 Mission Ave.

Nopal Burger at Crazee Burger

This unique creation includes a slowly grilled nopal patty that’s placed on top of an Angus beef patty. For toppers, a bite of this burger means tasting homemade green tomatillo, avocado salsa, queso fresco and Mexican crema. Head on over to 3993 30th St. in North Park to try this oddity.

The Nopal Burger at Crazze Burger. (Photo: Crazze Burger)

Bacon Mac and Cheese Burger at Funky Fries & Burgers

No need to have your side dish separate when it comes to this burger. Between the buns you’ll find cheddar cheese sauce, bacon, sliced cheddar cheese and a fried mac and cheese patty below the beef. Indulge in this mac burger at 3030 Plaza Bonita Rd. Ste. 1108 in National City.

Bare Lamb Burger at Dunedin New Zealand Eats

This burger comes with flair from faraway lands. The patty is made with New Zealand lamb and is topped with mint jelly, blue cheese, beet root and even a fried egg that’s layered on top. With a kiwi inspired lineage, this spot is serving up burgers on 3501 30th St. in San Diego.

The Bare Lamb Burger at Dunedin New Zealand Eats. (Photo: Dunedin New Zealand Eats)

Although National Hamburger Day only comes around once a year, San Diegans can enjoy these unique burgers any day the doors are open to these local establishments.

Who’s ready to celebrate?