SAN DIEGO — For those looking to visit San Diego County, there are some unique stay options that could make the experience one to truly remember.

This is even true for locals who are looking to find adventure and discover newness in a place they call home by planning a staycation.

Instead of the conventional hotel stay, there are quirky places tucked away in neighborhoods throughout the region that offer quaint and curious housing on short-term rental platform Airbnb.

From beach havens to high-rise sanctuaries and more, here are five unique Airbnb stays that are available in San Diego.

San Diego Tree House

Tap into past childhood fantasies of living in a tree house that’s all your own by staking out in this unique Airbnb that overlooks the San Diego Bay and downtown skyline. Located just north of Little Italy, guests can enjoy three outdoor decks and a meditation room before taking a pause to experience an outdoor shower beneath a tree canopy. According to its host, this is a popular listing for guests looking to be within walking distance to the city’s main attractions.

San Diego Hobbit House

The host says this rental was inspired by novelist J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.” Guests can expect to experience enchantment as they enter a round door into natural rock walls and underneath wood beam ceilings. Another unique attribute is that this space has no electricity or WiFi. Guests will have a wood-burning fireplace and access to running water, which includes a hot outdoor shower. The Hobbit House may be perfect for those truly looking to disconnect for a bit.

San Diego Dome

This dome was originally built in 1967 as a project for college students majoring in Art, the host explained. It has been renovated to include all the necessities for a living space. The host says guests can expect to be amazed by the architecture of the space as soon as they walk through the doors. The dome also comes equipped with a private deck where those staying can take in the outdoor views. There’s also a popcorn maker for movie nights in.

San Diego Houseboat

All aboard The Villa San Juan! This houseboat is moored at Marina Cortez on Harbor Island, which is close to downtown San Diego. Guests can enjoy their temporary home on the water with an upper deck the host says is perfect for breakfast, lounging and sunsets. This is one way to find out if living on active marina is the life for you. The host says there is also access to a nearby gated swimming pool. This space will only be rented out until June 2023, the host confirmed.

San Diego Shipping Container

According to this spots host, this is the very first Airbnb guest house in San Diego that’s built out of a shipping container. Guests can enjoy a private yard, gated entrance and a modern studio retreat in the historic Kensington-Talmadge neighborhood in uptown San Diego. For foodies, the host says it’s positioned near local Mexican and Vietnamese cuisine, plus a nearby coffee shop. It’s simple design may suit well for couples or solo travelers.

These five unique Airbnb rentals in San Diego County are just a few of the many eccentric stays that are awaiting travelers and local residents alike. Shake things up and book one of these spots while you can!